We have a data base that offers our client the flexibility to screen and select potential employees without the expense of media advertisement. The system provides a useful platform for both the potential employee and employer to interact discreetly without further obligations. We at JHM Energy Consulting will then take over all the other mundane aspects of HR such as testing, interviewing and final presentation for selection.

Through our robust global database and global industry network, JHM helps recruit top executives for key positions from both within and outside Nigeria.

We at JHM Energy Consulting, leverage on our rich network and contact base within the industry both locally and internationally to attract and recruit for our clients talents for specific roles within their organisation.

Below are some of our unique services under Recruitment:

a) Manpower Outsourcing
JHM Recruitment Outsourcing acts as a company’s internal recruitment function for a section, or the entire requirement. It is a form of outsourcing where some or all of an organization’s talent acquisition and talent management activities are outsourced to a third party vendor. However, our responsibilities towards the client need not end after the candidate is offered employment. At the client’s request, JHM will offer HR services such as payroll and compensation, leave and retirement, training and performance appraisals, employee discipline and pension.

JHM Recruitment Outsourcing brings higher quality, lower cost and better speed to talent acquisition and talent management initiatives. A properly managed recruitment process will improve a company’s hire time, increase the quality of candidate pool, reduce cost and improve compliance.

JHM handles the entire hiring process from job profiling, sourcing and scheduling interviews all the way through to the on-boarding of the new employees and afterwards.

• Understanding the Client’s business culture
• Determine workforce planning and strategy
• Talent Research
• Develop Hiring Program
• Set Timeline & Objectives
• Establish Project Team
• Job Profiling
• Interview Tools
• Candidate Assessment
• Candidate Background Screening
• Reference Check
• Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment
• Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs
• Program Review

•Immigration & Logistics services for expatriates personnel

• Identify Improvement Opportunities
• Conduct Survey and Communicate Results

b) Executive Recruitment
Executive placement services have become the primary source of selected markets for high-level retained and contingency executive searches. We have the ability to earn a lucrative compensation package, work a flexible schedule depending on client needs and become a staffing leader in your respected niche industry. We can also save businesses a great deal of money by finding the client the best and most reliable executives.

c) Head Hunting Service
JHM leverages on its rich contacts within the industry (locally and internationally) to bring within your reach those specialized talents the business require from time to time.

Our goal is to attract the right candidates with the right skills in a competitive environment for our clients using our various products:

• Manpower Planning
• Bulk Recruitment




The Recruit Phase:
The recruit phase is the period in which JHM Energy Consulting Ltd receive the job description from the client, locate and prescreen potential candidates, present potential candidates to the client, arrange interviews between Client and Candidate and thoroughly debrief both parties.
The Offer Phase
The offer phase begins when the Client and the Candidate show serious interest in each other and indicate their mutual desire to take the next step in the recruitment process. During this phase, the Client will prepare and liaise with JHM Energy Consulting Ltd regarding the presentation of the offer to the Candidate. JHM Energy Consulting Ltd normally act as the go between agent in this process and normally presents the offer to the candidate.
The Transition Phase
The transition phase occurs immediately after the offer is accepted by the candidate, and continues through the start date, for a period of about six months into the placed candidate’s new role. This is a crucial phase in any placement where the candidate has to resign and prepare for their new role as well as the early days 
adjusting to the new environment, new colleagues etc. JHM Energy Consulting Ltd follow up on the candidate for up to six months to ensure a smooth start at the new role.




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