HR Advisory

Our Advisory Service combines specialized skills to provide objective advice and execution to help preserve and improve the values of our clients.

JHM Human Resource Advisory helps clients to reduce HR costs as well as improve the delivery of their HR strategy and enhance employee HR’s strategic contribution.

Below are some of our unique services under HR advisory:

i.) Manpower Audit
Our HR Advisory Services offer a comprehensive HR Audit that provides an independent and objective mapping of HR activities, processes and compliance. We provide appropriate recommendations and proposals for improvements ..

ii) Talent Management
We deploy a modern practice on new hire on-boarding and integration of new hires, developing and retaining existing personnel and attracting high potential candidates for organization. This service includes determining structure for compensation, skills inventory and assessment, data collection – compensation surveys and executive rewards advisory services.

Our HR consulting services concentrate on 3 areas:
Organisational Strategy |Career Management | HR Tools & Surveys
a. Organisational Strategy
Services in this area include:
- Organisational Design, Planning & Development
- Performance Management
- HR/Manpower Audit
- Rationalization
- Remuneration Surveys
- Formulation, Design, Production & Review of HR manuals

b. Career Management
In this area, we help our clients with:
- Career Planning
- Career Development
- Talent Management
- Outplacement Services

c. HR Tools & Surveys
- We offer the following services:
- Job Analysis & Evaluation
- Employee Surveys
- Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Organisational Assessment Surveys

iii) Outplacement Services

Outplacement Support Services is Job placement assistance and programs administered by organizations implementing downsizing or other staff reductions.

Although actual outplacement activities vary from one organization to another, depending on their needs and capabilities, outplacement support services should not be done only when the need for downsizing occurs but should be done in order to place the future of employees on a better track.

Outplacement eases the transition process by providing displaced workers with a strong career management plan and the job search tools needed to successfully pursue a new job.

Our advisory unit is a nationwide provider of outplacement counselling and our outplacement services address the following strategies to displaced employees to help them get back on track quickly.

• Personal Assessment
We will assess your employees’ wants, needs, salary, experience, skills, personality and geographic preferences. With any new career change, it is vital that they have a clear objective and understanding of what motivates them.

• Creative Materials
Not only would we make sure your employees’ resumes are effective, we will also arm them with supporting materials to market their candidacy to the workforce. Materials include resumes, cover letters, references, verified credentials and our custom targeted networking letters.

• Coaching/Support
Communicating and being able to connect with a current or prospective employer is critical. We can coach your employees to effectively communicate in the key areas of interviewing, salary negotiation and networking.

• Good Facilitators for Self Employed Jobs
We have various competent facilitators in our database who are successful and have the various success factors in the areas of their expertise to make anybody excel.




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