Our Principles

Host Communities:

We will develop the local communities and social activities that are sensitive to the local needs wherever we operate, including investments in the development and well-being of its people and infrastructure. Our host communities are our partners in progress.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy:

Enforcement of health, safety and the prevention of pollution to the environment are primary goals of the company. The company will strive to provide products and services that have no undue environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources and can be recycled, reuse or disposed of safely.

All employees must conduct their duties and responsibilities in compliance with applicable law and industry standards relating to health and safety in the workplace and prevention of damage to the environment.

The HSSEQ Director of the company oversees the management of this policy.




 JHM ENERGY CONSULTING AND INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED’S policy is to meet or exceed contractual requirements while ensuring that Quality, environmental considerations, safety, and profitability are attained.  We will continually strive to improve our products and services in an effort to meet these objectives.

 Highest quality performance is an individual commitment to excellence by each JHM ENERGY CONSULTING AND INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED employee.  Through teamwork, innovation, and hard work, the company will be able to demonstrate a track record of continuous improvement.

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